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Pandemic Pounds: How To Stay Healthy And Fit In 2020

As it turns out, working in pajamas, binging Netflix, and ordering nightly pizza might not be the path to vibrant health and longevity. And while nobody needs a crash course in self-shame to go along with their mandatory lock-down, there are a few things to keep in mind as you try to stay healthy: mind, body, and soul. Pandemic pounds or not, we’ve got some creative tips to stay fit even if you are functioning 100% from home.


Immunity Boost

Health is holistic, or whole-body. If one aspect of your life is imbalanced, you’ll quickly notice how it affects all the rest. In a season punctuated with a lot of fear and uncertainty, it can be easy to forget that our immune systems thrive when we’re fit, properly fed, and relatively at peace.


While it might be tempting to seek solace in the arms of carbohydrates and a few dozen teaspoons of added sugar, health experts warn that now is not the time to neglect our bodies and minds. And while it’s certainly a challenge to adapt to all the changes brought about by Covid-19, some practical steps can help. Below, we look at a few creative ways to stay on top of your health even if you’re stuck at home.


Pandemic Pounds And Morning Routines

Speaking of whole-body alignment, let’s look at an all-too-familiar scenario. You’re stressed, so you eat. And the things you eat when stressed are especially high in sugar and salt and low in nutritive value. So because you eat these unhealthy things, you gain weight. And your new pandemic pounds give you stress, which starts the cycle again!


Let’s start with stress. Anxiety in the time of a global pandemic is completely understandable. But as tempting as it is to start scrolling the headlines before your feet hit the floor, resist. News is informative, but headlines can also be salacious. Set aside your mornings for a healthy juice, a breakfast of oatmeal and fruit, and some phone-free quiet time. As Hopper says in Stranger Things: “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.”


A healthy breakfast paired with quality quiet time can keep you from binging thoughtlessly later in the day. It also helps put you in a good frame of mind and kick-starts your metabolism. A few pandemic pounds won’t make or break you, but keeping up with good habits can make a world of difference for your mind and body.


Pandemic Pounds: Creative Ways To Get Moving

As everyone struggles to make sense of the new normal, we have had the distinct pleasure of witnessing some highly creative physical fitness trends. But we don’t just commit to fitness because we’re worried about pandemic pounds; we embrace mobility and reject a sedentary lifestyle because it improves focus, clears our anxious minds, and gives us much-needed energy!


There are many inexpensive ways to stay fit, even if you’re staying home. Here are some great pieces of “equipment” to keep you moving at little to no cost:

Jump rope: Believe it or not, jumping rope is a phenomenal way to break a sweat, get your heart going, and bust those pesky pandemic pounds. You can burn more than 200 calories in just two ten-minute sessions.


Trampoline/Mini-Tramp: If you have a trampoline or mini-tramp, you can jump, jog, and play your way to better health. Depending on your activity, if you accumulate an hour of play throughout the day, you can burn 250-325 calories.


Your Stairs: There’s nothing more budget-friendly than your stairs! You might feel funny doing it, but during a pandemic is no time to feel self-conscious over your self-care routine.


A Chair: That’s right, a chair. You’d be shocked to know how many great at-home workouts, pilates sessions, and calorie-burning classes you can find on YouTube that require little more than a floor mat and a chair.


Pandemic Pounds: Maintaining Perspective

This too, as they say, shall pass. And the hope is that when it does, humanity will emerge stronger and more determined than ever. A good way to ensure that we don’t lose hope or perspective is to maintain the “little things” we can control: moving our bodies, eating thoughtfully, and taking time to breathe.


Whether you gained a few pandemic pounds won’t matter next year. But committing to healthy habits now immediately affects your physical and mental state. It also sets a precedent for rising to difficult occasions with resolve and fierce self-care.

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